Colombia - Yerwa Women’s Project Coffee
Colombia - Yerwa Women’s Project Coffee

Colombia - Yerwa Women’s Project Coffee

Blue Bear Coffee
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Yerwa Women’s Project Coffee (Green Apple, Molasses & Bakers Chocolate)

Blue Bear is one of the very few privileged companies worldwide to be selling this single-origin coffee from the Yerwa community in the North East corner of Colombia. The Yerwa are part of the Arhuaco tribe, an indigenous population situated in the Seirra Nevada Mountain Range, next to the Venezuelan border. The Arhuaco culture see it as their sacred duty to protect the earth. For this reason everything they do is organic, sustainable and non-harmful to their land.
In partnership with Café ANEI and the Colombian Government, our partners Clifton Coffee Roasters are supporting the planting of 2 hectares of coffee each and 150 plantain shade trees for the Yerwa Community. There are 3000 farmer members of CAFÉ ANEI, a non-profit coffee and cocoa exporter who use the funds they get from their exports for development and protection of the Arhuaco culture. The love that goes into this coffee translates into the taste of this delicious and thoroughly unique cup.

Tasting Notes Green Apple, Molasses & Bakers Chocolate. 
Region Cesar
Producers The indigenous Yerwa community
Altitude 1400-1800 MASL
Process Washed
Variety Colombia Typica
SCA rating (*/100) 84.25