Modern Slavery Statement



Blue Bear Coffee Co. exists to fight slavery and support survivors. We do this by giving our profits to established and effective organisations with a proven history of bringing about systematic reform and scalable change to countries tackling this issue. We also support these organisations using our social media platforms to fundraise on their behalf and share information about their work and the signs of modern slavery in our communities. Every online Blue Bear customer receives a pamphlet on how to spot the signs of slavery in with their coffee order. We also produce a podcast which is available on most audio streaming platforms, sharing the stories of individuals who have spent their lives fighting different forms of injustice.

In addition to the above, Blue Bear takes every measure to reduce the possibility of slavery in our value chain, by partnering with experienced, ethical coffee sourcing exporters who have a demonstrated commitment to putting people above profit. Together with our coffee roasting partner (Clifton Coffee Roasters) we have chosen to supply coffees that are having a positive social impact at source, in the coffee growing communities. *Such as the school in Werka Wuri, Ethiopia that is being developed to provide access to education for hundreds of local school age children. We also pay significantly higher than the fair-trade minimum rate for our coffee. *Our current coffee offering is on average over 100% above the fair-trade rate (2020)

All of the coffee exporters we source from carry out a combination of internal and external (third party) audits to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the staff responsible for producing our coffee.

At Blue Bear, we believe fervently in the protection of international human rights, with the right to life (Art 2) and the freedom from slavery (Art 4) being sacrosanct across all that we do. By paying a truly fair price and ensuring the administration and auditing of safe working conditions for coffee farmers, we are protecting the human rights of those we rely on in order to bring our product to market.